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Glass Definition is a complete glass company, we can offer multiple service as custom glass & mirrors work, glass table top, mirror fire place, residential vinyl and aluminum windows and doors etc. in GLASS DEFINITION, you will find a professional and experience service on all your glass & mirrors needed.

Glass Table Top Replacement
Glass table tops have been a timeless addition to the home. Though other furniture tends to go out of style, glass table tops have stood the test of time with their elegance and style. There are many different reasons for selecting a glass table top.

Glass Table Top Protector
In today’s economy, more and more home owners are looking to preserve what they have rather than buy something new. Glass is an elegant way to protect the furniture that you already own. There is nothing that ruins a good dresser or table than a ring stain from a glass that has sat around too long. Glass makes your furniture feel fresh and new just like the day that you bought it.

Replacement Glass Patio Table
It’s common to hear about a glass patio table broken during the winter. Over time these tables will build up water stains, scratches and chips on the edges. Rather than buying a whole new patio table set it is much more affordable to purchase a replacement glass patio table top. Adding an umbrella hole in the center is no problem and can be done at a very affordable price.

Child Friendly Tables
Having kids is a part of most of our lives however sometimes we find that they unleash some of their creativity on our furniture. Our Glass Table Tops have a kid friendly surface that is scratch resistant, easy to clean and is tempered so it is as well a safety glass which is tougher and breaks apart in small pieces when broken.

Glass Dining Table
Adding glass to the dining room gives an open modern look that doesn’t go out to style. Glass goes with any color and is lasting. All pieces are custom to order. Find out how affordable your next replacement glass table top will be.