Shower Doors

Besides making your living environment more enjoyable, upgraded bathroom will increase the value of your home. As the center piece of any bathroom, bath and shower enclosure can be customized to emphasize your individual taste and personality. With thousands of different shower door designs and options available.


One growing trend in the bathroom industry is frameless shower enclosures. Frameless shower doors retain water as effectively as an average metal-framed door would. They are much easier to keep clean because there are no hidden crevices from metal frame where soap, water, and more can start build up and create mildew. With a frameless enclosure your shower will last longer and require less maintenance.

Sleek and minimalist; A massive trend over the past 5 years: Frameless shower enclosure are simply no nonsense.  Cutting back on all the frills, bells and whistles, using only what is necessary to ensure structural integrity (chrome brackets), this is the design to go for if you’re looking for longevity, versatility and class.  Opt for thick, heavy 10mm glass panels, chunky impactive handles, and for goodness sake, ensure it’s a water tight design which requires zero silicone sealing.

Recently, frameless shower door trend has become very popular. Below are some reasons you should consider frameless shower doors for your bathroom project

Visual Appeal
Because they do not have frames, frameless shower doors have a seamless appearance. Also, the thicker glass required for these doors lends itself to their elegant look.

Some people believe that because these doors do not have frames, that they are somehow less safe. This may be due to the fact that the glass appears fragile without a frame. However, this is not the case. The glass used for frameless shower doors is thicker than regular shower glass and is more difficult to break. The tempering process used on the glass for frameless doors also helps make the glass sturdier.

Easy to Clean
Since these shower doors lack a frame, there is nothing to impede cleaning. Also, there is no aluminum frame to get dirty or grimy.

Open Feel
Believe it or not, frames around a shower door can make a room feel smaller. Frameless shower doors give the room a more “open” and clean feel.